How to Be Productive While Working From Home

In previous work from home experiences, there were always temptations of home life that you gave into like doing laundry or cleaning your room. Basically doing everything but actually working. Then 2020 happened. As we continue to take zoom meetings from your dining room table in sweatpants, New and Confused is here to provide you with tips to help you remain focused and productive during your new work day. We know burnout can be all too real, even now.

15 Activities to Keep Morale High and Your Brain Sharp During Quarantine

We all know there are afternoons in quarantine where all we did was sit on the couch and wash our hands, but we are here to change that. New and Confused is here to help you stave off boredom with an expansive and highly curated list of activities that will keep you entertained for hours. Who said you can't have fun in a pandemic?

How to Seamlessly Transition from Work to a Night Out

There is no better feeling than leaving the office on a Friday and meeting up with your friends at happy hour. Which can easily turn into another bar and many drinks later, we've all been there. New and Confused dives into what you need to transition from work to a night out and, most importantly, have the stamina to stay out