How To Support the Black Community and Educate Yourself About Systemic Racism

How To Support the Black Community and Educate Yourself About Systemic Racism

Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter. Black Futures Matter. Black Femme Lives Matter. Black Poor Lives Matter. Black Queer Lives Matter. Black Immigrant Lives Matter. Black Incarcerated Lives Matter. Black Disables Lives Matter. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

I see you. I hear you. I understand that I don’t and will never understand, however, I stand with you. I am taking the time to learn, research, and educate myself and others on institutional racism in this country. It is not the responsibility nor obligation of the oppressed to educate those with white privilege on matters of racism. We have to put in the work to understand the inherently racist society we live in today. It is up to us, not them.

The US education system failed us in teaching about racism and how it impacts every aspect of a Black person’s life. It’s not just racial slurs and insults, it’s barriers to housing and education, health care, lack of opportunities, and much more, more than I am educated on at this time. We were taught that racism ended when the Civil Rights Act was enacted and having a Euro-centric history curriculum glazed over the prejudices and wrongs against the Black and POC communities. How many times did you learn about the American and Industrial Revolutions, but not about the Reconstructionist Period, Jim Crow, or the Civil Rights Era?

It is time to act NOW. Listen. Learn. Donate. Speak out. Sign petitions. Support Black businesses. Do more. I hope the educational materials and other resources listed helps you take action and make the world a better, more harmonious place.

General Resources

A good place to start.


Please donate if you can there are so many organizations worth contributing funds to. If unable to, sign petitions or donate with no money!


Please buy from local booksellers if you can!!


Active listening is Required. This isn’t background noise.

TV & Movies

Watch with a friend or family to have an open and uncomfortable dialogue about what you witnessed on screen

  • The 13th
  • American Son
  • Selma
  • When They See Us
  • Queen and Slim
  • Dear White People
  • Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap
  • Black Power Mixtape
  • Strong Island
  • Detroit
  • Bamboozled
  • See You Yesterday
  • Fruitvale Station
  • The Black Panthers: The Vanguard of the Revolution
  • Just Mercy
  • Flint Town
  • Time: The Kalief Browder Story
  • Who Killed Malcolm X?

Organizations to Follow

Education and Real Stories

Black-Owned Businesses

Beauty & Home

Fashion & Jewelry

Instagram Accounts/Influencers

Authors, Podcasters & Activists

This is a growing list of tools and resources to fight racism. If you know of any other resources, activists, donation sites, accounts, or educational materials that should be added to this list please let me know so they can be represented here. New and Confused hopes to share as many resources as possible to enable our readers to take action. BLACK LIVES MATTER!.

End Police Brutality, Black Lives Matter
End a Race War
White Privilege Sign

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