Every Podcast You Need to Know About

Every Podcast You Need to Know About

New and Confused’s Official Podcast Guide

It is safe to say I am a podcast fanatic. I’ve been an avid podcast listener since they first came into the mainstream in late 2017/early 2018 and have been able to maintain a strong weekly podcast rotation ever since. I have podcasts that are reserved for my morning commute and ones I listen to throughout the day. My podcast routine is a huge part of my daily life, and it is quite rigid as there are certain ones that I need to listen to on specific days and in a given order. Trust me when I say I know podcasts. Due to my obvious obsession, I have become the resident go-to gal for everyone’s podcast listening needs.

If you’re looking to dive into the world of podcasting or need some new ones to add to your library, look no further. I have put together the only podcast recommendation list you’ll ever need. Each category has a few podcasts reviewed, but there are so many more worth listening to, so I included them at the bottom of the page, so don’t forget to scroll all the way down.

All of my favorites and ones I personally listen to are starred: 

  • *Listen to and enjoy sporadically
  • **In the New and Confused podcast rotation
  • ***Personal favorite


We Met at Acme***

This podcast was one of the first shows that I truly got into and have been following along weekly ever since. Lindsey Metslaar, a millennial dating expert and native New Yorker, hosts the weekly show that touches on sex, dating and relationships, therapy, astrology, and more with a different curated guest each week. She starts out each episode with a short solo listener Q&A followed by discussing niche topics like sober dating, lowering dating expectations, settling v. compromising, and serial monogamy with her guests.

The podcast’s Instagram page is infamous for its daily user submitted poll questions. Many are great conversation starters and really make you think about dating with a different lens, plus they’re funny. The page’s highlights are a great resource for any dating or personal needs such as a list of therapists, second date questions, date ideas, anti-ghosting techniques, and funny quarantine ex-texts.

Girls Gotta Eat***

An iconic dating podcast hosted by dynamic duo, Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg. These ladies have certainly made a life for themselves with their uber successful podcast, live shows, and Facebook group, GGE Snackheads. You won’t make it through an episode without Rayna cracking a blowjob joke and we love her for it. They give you all of the hot takes on dating you need and are as real as they come for calling men and women out on their sh*t. They have fire guests including relationship experts, comedians, couples, and TV personalities and each episode has the most perfect ad lineup for items and services you actually need in your life.

One of the many reasons why I love this show is that they openly talk about sex and normalize a lot of ‘taboo’ topics women face such as egg freezing, self pleasure, and gaslighting, just to name a few. This is the first podcast I listen to at my desk every Monday morning and I never miss a week. 5/5 stars⭐️.

U Up?***

A modern dating podcast hosted by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid where they interpret and answer listener questions about dating situations, weird sexual encounters and red flag/deal breakers. Each host gives their take on relationship struggles and paranoia, social media dating etiquette, and relationship milestone moments. I like this podcast for the different perspectives that come with having a male-female host combo. They often talk about their own present and past relationship moments, both good and bad, and how they confronted them. I don’t always agree with Jared’s point of view and bluntness, but it’s interesting to get a peek into how men think about certain issues and situations.

Girls Gotta Eat, We Met at Acme, and U, Up? Podcast Logos

Business & Career

Second Life*

Each episode features a successful female entrepreneur opening up about their path to success and what their career was before their current endeavor. This is a great female empowerment career podcast and I love listening to their stories about how they conquered the challenges of being a woman in business #careergoals.

Skimm from the Couch

The co-founders of the daily morning newsletter have an open and honest conversation about what it takes to be a female entrepreneur with powerful female founders. This is a no b.s. podcast and if you aren’t subscribed to The Skimm you are surely missing out.

Business Casual**

A podcast from The Morning Brew, the must-have morning finance and business newsletter. Each week they have CEOs, thought leaders, and high profile executives from your favorite companies discuss the newest business and economic trends. If you work in finance and aren’t subscribed what have you been doing with your lives? Get your patagonia vest ready.

Skimm'd From the Couch, Business Casual, and Second Life Podcast Logos

Celebrity Gossip/Entertainment

Comments by Celebs***

Based on the viral Instagram account, co-founders Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer talk about all things pop culture and entertainment news. These self-proclaimed celebrity experts never fail to deliver with their weekly round up of celebrity gossip, stories, and best clapback comment of the week. They have star-studded guests like Kelly Ripa, John Mayer, and Katie Couric assist in delivering your weekly celebrity fix. These content machines also have a weekly Kardashian bonus show to recap KUWTK and any other last minute need-to-know Hollywood news and trends. There is never a shortage of entertainment deep-dives from the gals with some of the best podcasting voices in the game. If you love the Instagram account you need to listen ASAP.

The Morning Toast*

Girl with No Job and her sister, Jackie O give you a daily roundup of the biggest headlines in tv and entertainment each day. They have a huge and loyal fanbase called Toasters and have their own distinct TMT language #steen . If you religiously watch the Bachelor and Real Housewives this show is for you. I occasionally listen to this show, but it’s not my personal taste but I have plenty of Bravo-loving friends who stan the podcast.

Be There in Five *

Kate Kennedy is a comedic pop culture zeitgeist covering a wide range of topics from the present and the past including DCOM’s, celebrities, bloggers/influencers, and tv/movies/music. Her episodes are longer but definitely worth the listen for an explanation of all the celebrity topics you’re invested in for no explainable reason. If Kate Kennedy’s name sounds familiar, you probably know her for her famous “turn off your curling iron” doormats.

Be There in 5, Comments by Celebs, and The Morning Toast Podcast Logos

Being a Twenty-something

Gals on the Go*

Influencers Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio’s popular podcast discusses what it’s like to balance life as influencers while being a student and recent grad. They really connect with their followers and give you the lowdown on what it’s really like behind the scenes. They put out episodes two times a week and I recommend it for any recent grad.

Thick and Thin Podcast*

Katy Bellotte, a YouTube and content creator darling, discusses her experiences of being a twenty-something living in New York City managing life, freelancing, love, and everything in between. I find her style to be different than other podcasters and she often goes off on long romanticized soliloquies about pertinent topics. Katy really speaks from her soul and isn’t afraid to get deep on this uniquely solo podcast. I personally find it easy to get lost during each episode so I did have to de-prioritize it on my own list, but that doesn’t mean you should.

The Moral Hangover*

The host Katie and her producer Victoria are the bff’s, confidants, soul sisters, and love coaches we all need. Their unfiltered podcast has gained recent traction with their unique set of popular internet guests spilling the tea on the highs and lows of being a twenty-something woman.

There are so many amazing podcasts that focus on navigating your twenties, too many to include in this section, so please scroll down to see the full list. I promise you it’s worth it.

Gals on the Go, Moral Hangover, and Thick and Thin

Health & Wellness

Diet Starts Tomorrow***

Sami Fishbein and Aleen Kuperman Dreksler, 2/3 of the Betches co-founders, talk about all things wellness, dieting and weight, mental health, and fitness. They’re the Mythbusters of the Instagram wellness aesthetic as they frequently question the validity and effectiveness of wellness and diet culture, deep dive into different health and fitness trends, and provide candid moments of their own experiences with disordered eating and weight loss. They do not gloss things over and aren’t afraid to get deep on the psychological and emotional side of weight struggles. Each week they give their own non-scale win, which is a great way to frequently identify personal wins and moments of success not associated with weight.

As someone who is interested but not deeply invested in the wellness space, it’s a nice change of pace to hear about what actually works versus what is being sold to us under the guise of health and wellness. Definitely a must listen for anyone who needs a boost in body confidence or has been struggling with their weight and the emotional toll it can take on us.

Berning in Hell***

Hannah Berner, a comedian, star of Bravo’s Summer House, and co-host of Giggly Squad, is the host of a mental health comedy podcast where she takes her guests to their own personal hell and back. She gets her wide array of admirable, enviable, and accomplished guests to talk about their past traumas and what really cuts them deep when they’re alone in their feels. At the end of every episode she gets them to spill the beans on their seven deadly sins. I love how Hannah gets vulnerable with her guests and makes the feelings of anxiety and depression feel so normal and not as isolating, plus she’s f*cking hilarious. Her twitter account is a must-see and her funny and spot-on tweets will change your life.

Diet Starts Tomorrow and Berning in Hell Podcast Logos

Life & Culture

The Vibe***

Alexa Ibarra is the host of this trendy and vibey show where she talks art, culture, yoga, influencers, careers, mental health, and TV. Her show is the perfect blend of everything you need to know, but didn’t know it was something you were even interested in. She loves to hype her guests up and her guest’s expertise in their specific field never disappoints. She has  quickly become one of my favorite podcasters on the New York scene and is an amazing yoga teacher and soul. Definitely a lighter listen but you’ll never walk away without learning something new.

Friend of a Friend*

Olivia Perez, entrepreneur and co-founder of System of Service and bff to Gigi and Bella Hadid, takes you inside the minds of tomorrow’s creative entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and thought leaders. Her blue check-marked guests always bring their A game and provide their stories of success, disappointments, and how to make it as a business owner in the age of disruption and social media. Some companies featured included Bala, Chillhouse, Adina’s Jewels, Kosas Beauty, and Wildflower cases.


This mother-daughter show hosted by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and her daughter, Kit Keenan explore fashion, business, wellness, and the mother daughter relationship. They provide a good mix of mother-daughter time accompanied by influencer and New York it-girl guests.

The Vibe, Friend of a Friend, and Ageless Podcast Logos

Economic & News

The NYT Daily***

The premier podcast of The New York Times deep dives into a headline news story each morning with the journalists who report on the issues themselves whether it be politics, religion, economics, and more. Very informative and educational, 10/10 if you want to fully understand a complicated topic. This is part 1 of my morning subway podcast series.

NPR Up First***

A daily 15 minute podcast that covers the three biggest stories of the day. It does not go into great detail but the format is easy to digest so you can be generally in the know, but not a subject matter expert. This is part 2 of my morning subways podcast series – always gotta be in the know for work.

WSJ – What’s News**

This podcast is similar to the popular Wall Street Journal column where journalists cover the top stories and insights on business, the economy, markets, and politics.  I recommend listening if you work in financial services, are an investment nerd, or don’t want to pay for a WSJ subscription.

NPR Up First, NYT Daily, and WSJ What's New Podcast Logos


Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations**

Oprah, the Queen herself, hosts one of the most inspirational and highly-rated podcasts of all time because, of course she does, she’s Oprah. She has her best of the best luminary guests connect to the deeper meaning of life and could be seen as the newest iteration of her renown talk show. I love to listen to this show if I need some inspiration or am looking to connect to my inner self.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her*

I personally don’t listen to this one, but I have heard so many great things about it, so I had to include it. Tons of people have recommended it to me and I always see people talking about it on Instagram. The famous serial entrepreneur couple discuss how to live their best lives by sharing wellness, business, beauty, and lifestyle tips. #couplegoals

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations and The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast Logos

Need More Podcasts?

True Crime: Crime Junkie, My Favorite Murder, True Crime Garage, Dirty John, Serial, and Dr. Death – to be honest I do not listen to any crime podcasts because they make me too anxious and paranoid, so I prefer to avoid them. I did happen to speak with some of my secret sources who just happen to be crime podcast junkies and these are their top picks.

Dating/Relationships: 51 First Dates*, Anna Farris is Unqualified, How Cum

Celebrity/Entertainment: Chicks in the Office and Office Ladies

Bachelor Franchise: The Betchelor, The Snatchelor, Bachelor Happy Hour, and Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe

Being a Twenty-something: GRL Vibes Only, Schnitt Talk, It Ain’t It Sis, Twenty Fun, On The Rocks, Twenties and Confused, Sides Boobs & Side Hustles, Off She Goes, That Time When, Twenty Something, Unwined with Nat, Twenty Something Trials, Not Your Average BS, and Love You Mean It.

Health and Wellness: , Sex with Emily*, The Real ReelThe Girls Room, The Daily Dos, The SOS Podcast, and Inside Trader Joe’s

Life & Culture: Love That For You, Sunday Scaries Podcast, What’s Stopping You, The Purpose Project, Not My Problem, You’ve Changed, But, Don’t Quote Me, and Women Who Travel

Business & Career:  The Tim Ferriss Show, How I Built This*, Planet Money*, Women at Work, Small Talk with Syd, The Self Made Podcast, and This is Success*

Economic & News: Skimm This, The Betches Sup Podcast, The Indicator, Freakonomics*

I hope this list has been helpful and informative as you continue on your podcast discovery journey. Let me know which ones you end up trying and loving in the comments! I hope your ears are happy.

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