15 Activities to Keep Morale High and Your Brain Sharp During Quarantine

15 Activities to Keep Morale High and Your Brain Sharp During Quarantine

Don’t Be Bored in Quarantine

I hope everyone is staying safe and physically and mentally healthy during this time wherever you may be social distancing. We greatly appreciate everyone staying home, those fundraising for relief funds and PPE, and those on the front lines as healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, and anyone else who keeps our society going.

The quarantine is probably going to be the longest anyone has ever gone without any in-person social interaction outside of your home. This experience has shown us how much of our lives are based on social interactions and how much we value and depend on other people to enrich our lives. This new lifestyle can be hard at times but it is so important to continue social distancing, quarantining, and hygienic practices to limit the spread of the disease.

As we spend more and more time inside, there is only so much Netflix and Disney+ one can watch before losing their mind. It can be difficult to entertain yourself when there’s no work, no restaurants, no sports, or not really anything to do. This is just so unfamiliar to all of us that we are forced to get creative with how we fill our days besides trips to the fridge  and endless naps. Boredom can truly be the downfall of us all, leaving us in a Twitter black hole of terrifying news or resorting to giving yourself bangs. It is important to keep yourself occupied so you don’t spiral, feel depressed, or get cabin fever while living a Groundhog Day-like life. 

Use the activities below as inspiration to keep things interesting during your quarantine and  share with anyone who may need an afternoon pick me-up.

Quarantine Activities and Resources

Video Chat with your Group Chat, Work Friends, Extended Family, Team Members, or anyone Really

This is the most obvious one, but utilize different video chat platforms to stay connected to your friends all over the world. Even though we cannot see each other in person, this is a great alternative and you can still enjoy the same fun conversations. Take your group chat to the next level and have a virtual happy hour, a FaceTime date, virtual smoke sesh, or just talk for hours on end about anything but corona. Applications that have videochat capabilities besides FaceTime include House Party, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Zoom, and WebEx.


Break out the Coloring Book

Revisit a favorite activity from your past and break out the colored pencils. This activity can be time consuming, depending on your level of detail, but most importantly its soothing, relaxing, and distracting. Switch up your coloring techniques by making some pieces more traditional and others an explosion of color. After you’ve created enough pieces, start a mini art gallery in your home and have people jokingly critique it as if they were art critics. Artists, Ashley Longshore and Dara Piken Studio, both have coloring books online for purchase, while Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat teamed up with Sara Sidari Illustrator to create a coloring book based off of her clothing line. 100% of the proceeds are going to the Food Bank for New York City 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

Be Outside

Until we are in a full quarantine where we cannot go outside unless it’s to the grocery store, take full advantage of solitary time outside. We do not know when the last time we will be able to go outside and move around freely (scary, I know). Until that happens, utilize your time wisely by going on a solo run, ride a bike, take a hike, play golf, skateboard, or play a solo game of hoops. Try and get out of your house when possible to feel that nice spring sun on your face and get some alone time away from your family. Remember to abide by the rules of social distancing and are cognizant of your proximity to others when in public spaces to ensure you are protecting yourself and others. Don’t forget your mask and gloves. 😷😷😷

Keep in mind that if this wasn’t happening we would be inside anyways so take advantage of your new flexible schedule and reconnect with Mother Nature.


At Home Workout, Practice Yoga, and Meditation

No one wants to be a victim of the quarantine 15 especially with this lockdown potentially ending during the summer. It is so important, both physically and mentally, to stay active during this time in isolation. It can be so easy to have intrusive thoughts and anxiety, especially around food, during times of uncertainty. A great way to combat this is making time to workout and it doesn’t have to be a full hour like you may have done BCV (Before coronavirus). 

Most of my favorite instructors and workout studios have been hosting daily IG lives or streaming pre-recorded workouts on their websites. A lot of these are free or are donation-based (suggested-$15) where they provide a zoom link. This is a great time to try different types of workouts or take the classes you have always wanted to try from studios you didn’t feel like paying for. 

If you have always wanted to practice yoga or daily meditation, your time is now!!!! You literally have no excuse because there is nowhere to go. Take advantage of your free time by dedicating it to establishing a routine you can follow consistently, making it easier to maintain post-quarantine. Meditation can be a great relaxation tool to implement to help you escape, get centered, and reduce levels of anxiety as things become more uncertain. Since I don’t really meditate, here is a great article to help you get into the practice. 

Workout, yoga, and meditation resources can be found at the bottom of the article in the resources section.


Read a Book

Yeah, yeah we all know you said you were going to do this but actually do it, okay?? Getting yourself to sit down and read is the hardest part of the entire process, after that is smooth sailing.

Read a book that’s been on your shelf for forever that you never got around to reading (but you always said you did), reread your favorite childhood book like Harry Potter, a classic novel, or even the latest fluffy read. Literally anything, because we don’t often find time to read for pleasure for extended periods of time. If you need that extra push, try dedicating one hour after dinner twice a week as reading time. This has been very useful for me and my family and we found it to be surprisingly relaxing. If you can’t access a hard copy of a book/don’t have a kindle use an app like Audible. For some book inspo for what to read next, definitely utilize Queen Oprah’s Book Club or lists provided by Southern Living and The Independent

Books I have been reading are Verity, An American Marriage, The Defining Decade, and Outliers.

Watch Oscar-Nominated and Classic Movies

Now is the perfect opportunity to watch Parasite and finally understand all of the hype. Your Oscar movie list doesn’t even have to be limited to this year, go back in time and watch nominees from past years you never got around to seeing. Some mentionables include Get Out, Blackkklansman, Call Me by Your Name, Saving Private Ryan, Whiplash, The Godfather, Kramer v. Kramer, The Graduate, and The King’s Speech. A real list can be found here, here, and here. Just like reading, now is the time to watch all of those culturally referenced and classic movies you have never gotten around to seeing. Some classics include Fight Club, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Girl Interrupted, Casablanca, and Dead Poets Society. A list created by some film lovers can be found here, here, and here

Start a movie night with some friends and download the Netflix Party, a Chrome extension to watch Netflix remotely with friends, to watch together while apart. After the movie is over, hop on FaceTime and review it together so you can hear everyone’s thoughts. It’s the best substitute for an in-person movie night right now.

Sabrina movie poster

Get in Touch with your Creative Side or Start a Passion Project/Side Hustle

We don’t always have the opportunity to tap into our creative side unless our job allows for it. After a long day of work it can be hard to get those creative juices flowing, but now that we all have no place to go, here is your opportunity. Some great options include: 

  • Drawing, doodling, or sketching
  • Cross-stitching, crocheting, and knitting
  • Paint by Numbers or painting with watercolors
  • Writing and journaling
  • Making friendship bracelets for yourself, roomies, or family members.

If you are not sure where to start, some great sources of inspiration are Pinterest and the Instagram discover page. This quarantine pushed me to put out New and Confused after contemplating and dragging my feet for months. Start whatever you’ve been thinking about doing and see how it goes, whether it be giving finance tips, baking, reselling clothes, or being a bad b*tch on Instagram. It won’t start out perfect, but it’ll get there someday. In the meantime, make sure your new project makes you happy and you want to invest your time into it, not feel like you have to.

Tie Dye: Quarantine in Style

Hop on the trend that every influencer seems to be partaking in and tie dye sh*t. You can find a kit at your local Target, Walmart, or on Amazon since those retailers are still open during this time. Take any white clothes you have or purchased in store or online, a pack of rubber bands, plastic gloves, and a protective mat for your driveway/table/tie dying area and you are ready to go. The outfit to be seen in this quarantine is a tie dye sweatsuit, so if you are trying to go full glam for your Zoom happy hour make a custom set or purchase one from @shop.todyefor, Colby’s Custom Cuts, @tyde, or @rydeortiedye.

Other items to tie dye include a sports bra, socks, a tote bag, a t-shirt, a pillowcase, or a bucket hat for summer. Mix up your color combinations and patterns for a groovy variety. When you’re all done give your cohabitant a fashion show in your new pieces and be sure to take some fire tie dye selfies.

Devil Wears Prada Tie Dye Sweatsuit

DIY Manicure

Since all nail salons are closed, give yourself a DIY manicure or use a gel or dip manicure kit to improve your mood and make your hands look nice as you type away working from home. If you are a big neutral type of gal (or guy) switch up your polish game and do a bright, fun color. Who is really gonna see it anyways?

Dance Party/Get Into the Tik Tok Game

A great way to improve your mood is to have a dance party. Put on some of your favorite jams and dance it out in your room solo or with your sibling, S.O., or family. If you’re tryna have a real good time at home, put on a pregame/party playlist and have a mini ‘rave’ with them and pull out all of the stops to make your living room the hottest club in town. I know its’ weird, but honestly, who cares?? I promise you you’ll have a great time dancing like nobody’s watching plus no one is tryna touch you either. It’s a win-win.

Tik Tok has easily become one of the most addicting social media apps. I see the app similar to a casino because you have no idea how much time has passed because there is no clock. There is a ton of heart warming content, funny videos, and dance challenges to go around. As this goes longer and longer you may find yourself starting to make videos and participating in those dance challenges yourself. If you wanna do it, just do it. It’s a fun way to occupy your time and who knows, you may become the next viral hit.


Become The Next Iron Chef – Bake, Meal Plan, and Meal Plan Kits

If you’ve been on the internet at all you’ve seen that baking banana bread and sourdough bread have been coming in strong as the hottest domestic trend of quarantine. If you have yet to crack under Instagram pressure or don’t have browned bananas, you still have plenty of baking options available to you. Depending on your abilities and ingredient accessibility you can bake with pre-made dough, dry ingredient pouches, or bake from scratch – the end result is pretty much all the same and same level of satisfaction is achieved. If you already have weed (please do not go out for it) definitely entertain the idea of making some ~special~ brownies for a fun night. Follow the same directions for brownie mix and add in your flower infused butter for an elevated experience. 

Hannah Berner funny banana bread tweet

Each week my family has been making a meal plan for the upcoming week, which has been super helpful and very fun dinner conversation. This new strategy gives us some structure and ensures we aren’t eating the same thing everyday. We have already been able to introduce a number of new dinners into our rotation, so it’s been fun to experiment a little. Be sure you add it to your calendar in order to receive daily reminders to get you pumped for meal time.

If you haven’t ordered a meal kit before, now is the perfect time. Meal kit companies are doing great right now and allow you to make some delicious meals no matter your culinary confidence. They allow you to avoid going to the grocery store and come with measured  ingredients so there’s minimal food waste. Some great meal kits all with discount codes across the internet are Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sakara, Hungry Root, and Daily Harvest.

Masturbate and Sext/Send Nudes

Like the NYC Department of Health said, the safest sexual partner right now is yourself. Have some sexy time solo and give yourself multiple mindblowing orgasms. It would be smart to invest in a vibrator if you haven’t already. Women’s Health gives some great recommendations but some great independent companies to support are Lelo, Dame, and B By Bellesa. Who knows when the next time we will be able to openly interact with someone of our preferred gender again or even have sex if you aren’t quarantining with them? We are all about to be some thirsty a** creatures after we get out of this. Watch some porn too since PornHub is offering 30 free days of premium content for worldwide users. 

If you have a significant other, fuck buddy, or another suitor you have been talking to definitely consider sexting and exchanging some sexy nudes. The Call Her Daddy podcast discusses this in detail and gives some great suggestions to get you hot and heavy with your partner.

sexual grapefruit


If you haven’t gotten into podcasts, you have definitely been missing out. If you want to become better educated on any topic or listen to comedians and influencers talk about dating, celebrity gossip, serial killers, dieting, culture, or economics this media form is for you. It can be fairly easy to multi-task and do other activities while listening. At a later date I’ll put together an expansive recommendation library but some of my quarantine favorites have been Girls Gotta Eat, The Vibe, Comments by Celebs, Diet Starts Tomorrow, Business Casual, Grl Vibes Only, and The New York Times Daily.

Board Games, Puzzles,Video Games, and Online Gaming

Take a night off from watching TV and have a game night either IRL or virtually with your friends. The best part is they can usually take up an hour or so of time and who doesn’t like winning? Revive your love of board games like checkers, chess, backgammon, Catan, Guess Who?, Candyland, Scrabble, and Rummikub. Don’t forget about a deck of cards too as they can also be used for a drinking game on a Saturday night. Other great card games include the OG Apples to Apples, What Do you Meme?, Exploding Kittens, and For The Girls. Do not discount a good ol’ fashioned puzzle. Depending on the difficulty and amount of pieces this activity can take you hours or even days. If you’re looking to exercise your brain, go for sudoku or a crossword puzzle to leave your frustrated all afternoon.*Don’t use pen*

Bring back all of your favorite games from high school like Mario Kart and Wii Tennis and test out your rusty video gaming skills. A lot of people have been getting the Nintendo Switch, which allows you to remotely play with other people. Besides Fortnite, other online games include Dungeons & Dragons since you can play in groups or Steam Games.

Board games

Marie Kondo Your Life – Deep Clean Your Apartment and Closet

If you’re ever feeling anxious or have a whole day to kill — deep clean your room, apartment, or house. Organize and refold your drawers, go through all of the stuff hiding out under your bed, and clean out your closet.

Reorganize your closet- including all of the items stuffed up at the top. Start by purging your closet and drawers of any clothing you do not wear anymore, fit into, or do not feel confident or comfortable in. There is no reason to keep clothing that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. If you feel mixed about an item, do not keep it since you are never going to wear it and will remain iffy about it forever. Positive Body Vibes ONLY in 2020. This is also the perfect time to switch over your wardrobe to your summer clothes and put all of those heavy sweaters away. Do the same test with your summer clothes and whatever you do not want to keep, donate to a local shelter or donation drop-box if they are accepting donations at this time.


I hope this gives everyone some fun activities to keep you from getting bored and distracted from the chaotic 2020 energy going on around us. Good luck in everyone’s quarantine endeavors and I hope you are all healthy and eating yummy snacks each and every day. If you have any additional quarantine activity ideas or you’ve successfully tried out some listed above please let me know in the comments. Would love to hear from all of you! Sending you and your family love and positive vibes.

Workout Resources

Master Daily List

Sweats and the City posts a daily link to that day’s workout schedule with all of the different teachers/studios they know of hosting classes across different streaming services. Super useful as a guide to plan out your schedule, try out different workouts, and find new instructors. Personal fave.

Studios or Applications Streaming Workouts with Discounts

Sculpt Society, MelissaWoodHealth, Peloton, Neuofitness, ObeFitness, Physique 57, Barre3, P.volve, BarMethod, and Tone It Up.


Rumble, 305 Fitness (Youtube), Amanda Kloots, IsaacBoots from Torch’d, JabsbyGina, Syd Miller, Cassey Ho, and so many more!!


CorePower Yoga, Yoga Vida, AloYoga, Playlist Yoga, and MelissaWoodHealth


Mndfl Meditation, Headspace – a non-intimidating guided meditation app, and Calm – best used for sleep meditation with stories to help you drift off.


Bailey Brown, Fitness Blender, MadFit, and ChloeTing


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